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White linen

Ensemble Belo Platno was founded in Belgrade in 1997 with commitment and efforts of people assembled by love towards the folk and traditional art and the common need to configure traditional songs and dances in artistic way while simultaneously preserving its origin, style and the basic characteristics.

The name of the ensemble, white linen, symbolizes the circle of human life:  when born, a man is bent with white linen, when baptized – a man has white linen on his shoulder, when wedded – a man is encircled with white linen, to wear it his whole life, while at its end – it goes along with him.

Main characteristics of music of Belo Platno are the Balkan modal style, partly based in Byzantine church music, striking female and male voices together with playing authentic traditional instruments such as: lute, tamboura, kaval, doubleflute, daf, goblet drum, and bowed instruments. The modal style consists of singing and playing according to modes (maqam, raga, dastgah, echos). Majority of songs performed by Belo platno come from the areas that nowadays include Kosovo and Metohija, south and south-east Serbia and Macedonia. Music arrangements are based on personal field researches and other sound recordings. The songs are sung in local Slavic dialects.

Belo Platno represents a group of artists with long and rich experience in traditional music. Cooperation with Svetlana Spajic, which  lasts for more than a decade,  brought specific sound and mood to the ensemble, as well as many concerts and several CDs. Along with multi-instrumentalist Vladimir Simić, founder and the leader of the ensemble, Belo Platno members are: Anastasija Ostojić, Olja Njaradi, Goran Milošević, Nikola Šener.

The ensemble held numerous concerts and guest performances at the various festivals and concert halls throughout the Balkans and Europe together with international musicians, along with two successful Russian tours.